Hospitalized patients with COVID-19, whose relatives are in quarantine, can order a free care package

фото Hospitalized patients with COVID-19, whose relatives are in quarantine, can order a free care package

The project "Care package" was launched in Minsk. For all who lays up in hospitals with COVID-19, and whose relatives cannot bring them what they need due to the quarantine, the volunteers are ready to bring a goodie bag with everything they need - water, food, hygiene products, vitamins.

The idea of the project was suggested by representatives of the charity organization ADRA. In a single week, they delivered to hospitals of Minsk eighty "Care packages". Today there are twenty more orders on the way.

COVID-19 adra

— It so happened that many of our friends were hospitalized because of COVID-19. And their families, accordingly, were quarantined. They called us and asked to bring them something they needed, - Vadim Subach, ADRA project Manager, recalls how the project idea came about, - and we thought: it would be great if a patient who needs this kind of help could easily get it.

“Easily” means that anybody could make a phone call, send an SMS or write a message in Viber and order a "Care package" for oneself or somebody in need. We have allocated a special phone number for this purpose: +375 (29) 709-79-78. The message must specify the hospital number, hospital Department, ward number, and the patient's first and last name. Volunteers will bring the package to the hospital on the same or the next day.

— You can order a "Care package" for yourself, your neighbor on the ward, or your relative who is in the hospital. Even a doctor can make an order for his patient, - the interlocutor explains. — In any case, we'll take the package to the hospital and leave it there for the person it was ordered for.

The package contains two bottles of water, napkins, toilet paper, vitamins, lollipops, cookies and two inflatable balloons to help restore the lungs.

— For patients, all this is absolutely free, - says Vadim. — We sent letters to various organizations asking for help. In addition, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign for this project. If someone wants to help those people, that would be great.

Now is a good time to do good!


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